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Hoemoor Farm is a working dairy and beef farm, home to the Phillips family and our animals. The welfare of the animals, concern for their environment and the natural world around the farm is our main priority.  Chemical use and antibiotic treatment is kept to an absolute minimum and cows are fed on a natural grass diet, with concentrates only fed in the parlour, during the winter months.  We run about 180 head of cattle ranging from new born calves, to 13 yr old cows. Our main breed is unusual, instead of the more traditional Fresians, we predominately use red and white MRI’s (Meusse Rhine Issel). Our cows are quiet and all have names, so you are welcome to meet them and even stroke them. They are housed inside during the wet months and go back out to grass as soon it is dry enough to do so. Our beef cattle go to slaughter at about 24 months old, but to keep stress to a  minimum, we always take them to a local slaughterhouse by trailer when it is time to go.  We do not send them off to market.

Whilst staying at our Devon self catering bungalow,

You overlook the farmland which runs down to the river Otter valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty.  We are a working farm and time permitting, we are quite happy to guide you around, giving a glimpse into our farming life and explain how things are done. For early risers, you may like to watch the milking?  You may even see a cow having its calf or other animals being born if you are lucky enough to have your stay at the right time!  We have a variety of pets too, including dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs, hens and other lovable, rescue animals.  

On arrival, the first to greet you will probably be Kylie, our Kelpie cross labrador who came to us at 6 months old. She has a lovely nature and will happily greet you (or your dog) and is a real character. She will also work the cows at times, but her main pastime is playing with anyone that has the time. Also dear to our heart is Flame, our faithful, 20 year old horse who will be quite often seen in our garden, or wandering around the farm before going off into his field for the morning.  He is quite willing to allow children to sit on him, or gently stroke him, especially if there is a carrot in it for him!

At times, we have free range chicken or duck eggs for sale.  

If you just want peace and quiet, the bungalow has its own enclosed, fenced garden so you can sit on the patio and enjoy the views across the surrounding countryside.  Table and chairs and a barbecue are provided. We also have a cycle storage shed.

Perfect for wildlife and birdwatching

from your devon cottage holiday bungalow window, you will often glimpse a variety of native animals and birdlife, including rabbits, deer or buzzards, etc.

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